Duncombe Hill Development

Duncombe Hill


The Council has received a Planning Application from a Developer who wants to build 7 flats on our treasured greenspace between on the corner of Duncombe Hill and Brockley Road, SE23 .If approved this development will:

  • Destroy valued green space enjoyed for many years by local people
  • Destroy protected trees which help to diffuse the effects the of air pollution
  • Destroy the beautiful vista of the area which is currently ruined by an ugly green fence SEND YOUR OBJECTIONS TO:

planning@ lewisham.gov.uk and the reasons why you object to planning application DC/19/111251

Or write to: Amanda Ghani, Planning Officer, Planning Service, London Borough of Lewisham, Laurence House, 1 Catford Road, London SE6 4RU,

Before 19 April 2019

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