From feeding to weeding

Back in March a group of local residents set up a Mutual Aid group in response to the lockdown. Mutual Aid is a nationwide, loosely organised network of volunteers who help people who are isolating in their local area by delivering food to them. If you would like more information, here is the website: 

From the start the Ewart Road Mutual Aid group was working in cooperation with the Ewart Hall committee and Joyce from the Co-op office. After a month of being up and running it’s members are helping out by volunteering on the Estate. Our Garden has been developing a bit of a weed infestation over the last few months. The new volunteers, Harriet, Kirsty, Chloe, Jana, Hanna, Emilia and Pippa, have been hard at work weeding with our existing committee members, Dominique and Moira. This has been incredibly valuable help to us, and a positive story to come out of the crisis. We would like to thank them for their contribution.

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