Ewart Community Hall



Welcome to Ewart Community Hall! We offer a range of facilities; the clubhouse comprises of a Main Hall, an office space, a kitchen, and male and female toilets. We are situated next door to the Co-Op Office.

The kitchen is fully equipped with cooker, refrigerator and plenty of crockery and cutlery. It has 2 kettles, a tea urn and a microwave oven.



Clubhouse Garden

Clubhouse Garden

Clubhouse Garden

At back of the clubhouse is a garden which is to be developed into a sensory garden for the use of all the community. The clubhouse, toilets and garden are fully accessible. Also, in the centre of the estate is the Co-op Green, which can also be used by clubhouse users, and is an ideal site for local fetes, etc.

Charges:  £20 per hour for Main Hall, £5 per hour for use of kitchen.

The Ewart Road Co-operative Green


In the centre of the Ewart Road Co-operative Estate we have our own mini park which we simply call The Green. Parents often come and sit here while their children play. In the Spring, Summer and Autumn seasons, the park is really beautiful, with numerous birds and squirrels chasing around the tree trunks.

Apart from the residents using the Green, we have had fetes on it, and clubhouse users are welcome to use it as well. In July we plan to hold an Open Day for the Community Hall and much of the activity will take place on the Green as well as in the Hall.

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